Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Real Men Grill

For Father’s day the boys bought Daddy his dream grill!

Today they braved the rain and made our family dinner.

JB has been such a blessing these last few weeks and has
taken in all the knowledge from his Daddy that he could!
Smokey didn’t realize what he was getting into rain wise when
he decided that he too was one of ‘the boys.’
Ryan has been working on ‘solo’ play and has really enjoyed his time on his tummy (just do NOT mention to him that it can be considered tummy time!)
He too is enjoying having his Bubba around!
Once he found his feet he stopped everything he was doing and began watching Wipe-Out.
It’s amazing how simple life is when you’re young.

As long as you can reach (and hold on to your feet) the world is fine!

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